Aligned Organizations

Likeminded associations and support networks

Institute for Humane Education
Programs and resources designed to train, educate, and inspire people to become humane educators and changemakers.

New York Coalition of Radical Educators
Current and former public school educators and their allies committed to fighting for social justice in our school system and society at large.

Brotherhood/Sister Sol New York, NY
Rites of passage programming, after school care, school and home counseling, summer camps, job training and employment, college preparation, community organizing training, and international study. The organization focuses on issues such as leadership development and educational achievement, sexual responsibility, sexism and misogyny, political education and social justice, Pan-African and Latino history, and global awareness.

Crescent Heights Magnet Los Angeles, CA
Language arts and social justice magnet theme designed for students to recognize injustice in their world or the world at large and be able to fully express their outrage, their plan of attack.

The Ethical Community Charter School Jersey City, NJ
Ethics is taught as a subject in its own right and ethical considerations are infused throughout the curriculum.

Social Justice High School Chicago, IL
Uses math, science, english and history classes to equip students with analytical tools to investigate injustices.

John Duggan Middle School, Springfield, MA
Social Justice magnet theme. Students explore connections to community issues, environmental stewardship, global knowledge and understandings, and equity.

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