What would

YOU do?

Our new video podcast series is an initiative of EdEthics and the Ethical Schools podcast. Each episode includes a dramatization of an ethical dilemma that could be faced by educators along with a discussion of the case facilitated by Harvard Graduate School of Education professor Meira Levinson.



Should young people be recipients of civic knowledge rather than agents of change? How should input from members of the community influence school decisions about curriculum? In a polarized community, is it better to make waves or avoid conflict?


How should teachers teach climate change in communities whose economy still relies on fossil fuels? Do they take into account the views of the local community?  Or does any accommodation represent dangerous pandering to people out of step with the consensus of the scientific community?


Our first episode examines the debate over a form of project-based civics education called Action Civics, in which students research a topic of their choosing and then take action to create change. A parent’s campaign to end the action civics project prompts a high school to examine the purpose of civic education, the rights of young people to influence their community, and the ways that polarized discourse influences schools. 

Our second episode explores the challenges of teaching about climate change in a community where a large portion of the residents work in the petroleum industry. A new science teacher is surprised when many of her students and their parents object to her lessons on climate change. How far should the beliefs and values of the local community in which a school is embedded inform curricular and other teaching decisions?


Taking the Action Out of Civics

Discussion led by Meira Levinson of EdEthics at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Andrew Wilkes of the nonprofit Generation Citizen

Debbie Holecko of Ohio’s North Olmsted Middle School

Fernando Reimers of the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Robert Pondiscio of the American Enterprise Institute

A wide-ranging and timely conversation explores questions about student agency, teacher autonomy, state authority, community involvement, parental rights, and political polarization.

Seeing Green

Discussion led by Meira Levinson of EdEthics at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Tina Grotzer of Project Zero and Harvard Graduate School of Education 

Shirley Edwards Founding principal of EBC High School for Public Service in Bushwick, an educator in the NYC public schools for 32 years

Randall Curren of the University of Rochester, author of  “Living Well Now” and “In the Future: Why Sustainability Matters”

Sadie Sundahl of the University of Idaho 

A discussion that raises ongoing questions facing teachers and school leaders across the country struggling with teaching climate change in a warming world that continues to rely on fossil fuels.


A cast of actors interprets teachers, parents, and school leaders. Multiple perspectives emerge as participants grapple with challenging scenarios and choices, engaging in both personal reflection and group discussion, often across differences. 

Each episode consists of 1. a realistic conversation among adults in a school, played by professional actors, who are faced with a complex ethical decision, and 2. a discussion in real time, facilitated by Dr. Meira Levinson, among experts from the field of education.


To facilitate Professional Development initiatives, you can also choose to watch the two parts of each episode separately. 


Ethical Schools Podcast is an an initiative of Ethics In Education Network, wich envisions equitable and inclusive educational environments that support students in becoming adults capable of and committed to building ethical institutions and dismantling systems of oppression and inequality. Every week Amy Halpern-Laff and Jon Moscow talk with educational innovators about creating ethical learning environments, helping students overcome the effects of trauma, and empowering young people to make change. Available on every major podcast platform.


EdEthics is an initiative of The Harvard Graduate School of Education designed to affirm that ethics matter, and then to help educators and policymakers reason through the ethical dilemmas they face. Founded by Professor Meira Levinson, EdEthics doesn’t necessarily provide answers. Rather, EdEthics helps educators and policy makers ask the right questions, offers shared language to talk about the ethical choices they face, and provides frameworks and heuristics through which they can understand others’ points of view. 


Each episode of “What Would You Do?” was produced by Hoot Owl Media.