Eva Lopez on Act4Change: Applying Theatre of the Oppressed to building social justice in The Bronx

We talk with Eva Lopez about Act4Change, a Theatre of the Oppressed project in the Bronx. Eva Lopez uses theater techniques to invite children and youth to envision liberation and to empower them to resist oppression. Audiences become spect-actors to examine root causes of bullying, domestic violence and other personal/societal crises.


00:00-01:42 Intros

01:43-04:42 Act4Change, Theater of the Oppressed; Augusto Boal; ethical decision-making

04:41-09:29 What an Act4Change program & session look like

09:30-13:36 Act4Change impact on spect-actors; actions beyond the performance

13:37-14:03 Middle- and elementary-school students’ involvement

14:04-15:07 Act4Change in a school?

15:08-16:48 Importance of exposure to the arts 

16:49-17:23 Act4Change contact info

17:24-20:00 Outro


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