We talk with Zoe Weil, the co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education. She talks about providing young people with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to address our pressing challenges in order to transform unsustainable and unjust systems into ones that are humane, healthy, and peaceful.


Find more about Zoe and the Institute for Humane Education on humaneeducation.org


00:00-01:02 Intros

01:03-02:23 What is humane education? What are “solutionaries?’

02:24-09:57 Avoiding false dichotomies; avoiding polarization; looking at who is harmed and who benefits from a problem; finding areas of mutual benefit to overcome harm

09:58-17:18 Creating a classroom environment that encourages solutionary thinking

17:19-22:26 Educating young people to think like solutionaries in whatever field they are interested

22:27-22:38 “What are the issues I care most about?” “What am I good at?” “And what do I love to do?

22:39-25:09 Making the connections to analyze solutions on a solutionary scale

25:10-29:27 MOGO: most good, least harm; applying it to complex systems

29:28-30:30 Outro


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