Maud Abeel, nationally-recognized education consultant, focuses on college and career readiness for middle and high school students, including “match and fit.” The earlier the students begin to think about postsecondary options, the better. There are myriad resources for students and their families, many of them free and online. Maud discusses cohorts, groups of high school classmates who enter college together and support one another, increasing their likelihood of success. She also talks about obstacles and dilemmas counselors face, including overwhelming caseloads.

*Overview and transcript below. 


00:00-01:10 Intros

01:11-03:47 “Match and fit”: definition and importance

03:48-07:31 Systematizing and bringing “fit” to scale

07:32-10:13 Resolving tensions on “match and fit” that may arise among counselors, students, and families

10:14-16:48 Issues with poor “matches” and “fits” for Latinx and other students and potential improvements; bridge programs, Miami Dade math initiative; math as a barrier; Algebra Project 

16:49-19:27 Applying match and fit to non-college post-secondary options

19:28-21:48 Career and Technical Education (CTE)

21:49-29:39 Interrupting the carceral continuum; parent coordinators; Inside Schools; Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

29:40-33:50 Ethical/civic obligations to improve all schools for all students; eliminating “dumping grounds”

33:51-35:46 Raising ethical issues about career choices

35:47-39:59 Biggest obstacles for counselors

40:00-41:00 Outro


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Photo by Gold Free Photos/Unsplash

Soundtrack by Podington Bear