David Adams is Director of Social Emotional Learning at NYC’s Urban Assembly, a network of schools that does not screen students. David focuses on the intersection of academic and technical skills, social-emotional competencies, and career development to create social/economic mobility. Students must have a relationship with the teacher or the content for optimal learning. Perspective-taking is central to ethical development. Schools have to “know their ‘why’” and be able to explain it in plain language.

*Overview and transcript below. 


00:00-01:00 Intros

01:01-04:01 Urban Assembly (UA) and its strategies

04:02-04:12 Individual UA schools’ approaches to SEL

04:13-06:25 Design Derby project of Institute for Math and Science for Young Women and Facebook

06:26-14:15 Ethics, SEL, and school values

14:16-16:09 Culturally responsive and sustaining education at UA

16:10-19:38 Single-sex schools

19:39-21:53 School partnerships

21:54-24:09 UA SEL Symposium and International SEL Day

24:10-25:30 Outro


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Photo: facebook.com/theurbanassembly

Soundtrack by Podington Bear