Jason Garcia of SoBro, a South Bronx community-based organization, describes how after school staff members help young people deal with the effects of trauma. Staff members teach content, guide students through transitions,  and help students build long term relationships. SoBro’s youth workers wear many hats — guidance counselor, social worker, referral source — filling in where schools and families lack resources.


To know more about Jason and SoBro, go to sobro.org


00:00-00:44 Intros

00:45-05:16 Helping youths deal with effects of trauma

05:17:09:21 Self-awareness; looking for roots of acting out

09:22-11:39 Supporting staff; Ethics in Education Network (EIEN) staff development

11:40-14:18 Nurturing positive relationships

14:19-15:37 Student advocacy and activism

15:38-18:23 Awareness of electoral politics/voting

18:24-20:11 Sexuality and sexual identity

20:12-23:45 Peer pressure; “acting white”

23:46-25:51 Post-graduation support

25:52-27:33 Dealing with the coronavirus crisis

27:31-28:20 Partnering with EIEN

28:21-29:30 Outro


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