Dr. Carmen Mercado, CUNY professor emeritus, talks with us about the importance of self-study, sharing diverse perspectives in class, and reflective writing in her own development and that of her students. She shares her experiences as one of the first bilingual classroom teachers and teacher educators in NYC. Carmen’s book, “Navigating teacher education in complex and uncertain times: connecting communities of practice in a borderless world,” was published in 2019.



00:00-00:51 Intros

00:52-04:31 Teacher self-study

04:32-11:17 Relationships within the teacher ed classroom

11:18-14:10 Students’ reaction to process

14:11-15:09 Children’s involvement; Professional Staff Congress; grants

15:10-19:34 Children’s writing; parents

19:35-23:48 Teachers’ SEL

23:49-27:16 Impact on classroom teaching of children

27:17-30:47 Preparing teachers for diverse classrooms; using children’s literature

30:48-33:53 Stereotyping vs. cultural responsiveness

33:54-37:43 Auto-ethnography

37:44-39:08 Teacher educators’ ethical obligation towards teachers in their classroom

39:09-40:30 Outro


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