Dr. Anthony Johnston, associate professor of education at University of St. Joseph, explains text guided literacy as a framework for teaching literature. A former English teacher, Dr. Johnston resists the current emphasis on close reading. Text guided literacy encourages readers to extrapolate from the text, to take the perspective of a fictional or historical character, and to make connections between the text and their own lives. As well, empathy is a catalyst for ethical actions.

*Overview and transcription.



00:00-00:49 Intros

00:50-02:23 Text Guided Literacy

02:24-04:42 Common Core ELA instruction

04:43-05:47 Fiction and non-fiction

05:48-11:51 Defining and assessing achievement in reading

11:52-13:45 Teaching Animal Farm with Text Guided Literacy

13:46-17:07 Approaching non-fiction

17:08-18:55 “Language of literacy is designed to exclude”

18:56-19:53 “Literature as experience”

19:54-23:36 Teaching ELLs in an AP class

23:37-26:03 Works of literature in conversation with each other and other works of art

26:04-29:33 Preparing teachers for effective teaching from Day 1

29:34-32:06 New books to read as approaches to teaching change?

32:07-33:14 Kylene Beers and Margaret Atwood on literacy

33:15-34:30 Outro


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