Dr. Heather C. Hill of Harvard Graduate School of Education looks at the research on culturally responsive education and SEL programs. She examines components of successful professional development programs, and how they apply to SEL and CRE. Well-designed curricula give teachers a framework on which to build and perhaps self-reflect. Daily classroom practices that build trust and engagement are important. Even if the professional development is high quality and teachers embrace the strategies, principal leadership and support is critical for learned practices to continue over time.


00:00-00:34 Intros

00:35-01:43 Research interest in SEL and culturally responsive teaching

01:44-05:33 Literature on CRT programs’ effectiveness

05:34-08:46 Effective professional development (PD) for leading CR classrooms

08:47-10:50 Characteristics of effective PD, especially for STEM

10:51-14:18 Literature on PD for principals

14:19-17:35 Literature on SEL programs, positives and negatives

17:36-18:46 Potential impacts of COVID-19 and shutdowns

18:47-20:00 Outro


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Photo by Antenna CW CJ / Unsplash

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