Dr. Don Siler, a researcher and inservice teacher educator, himself a former high school dropout, discusses how art classrooms invite students to be themselves, to explore their lived experiences, and to work on projects that mean something to them. Student engagement in the art classroom can be leveraged across subject areas by incorporating both the arts and art-based pedagogy throughout the curriculum. Student outcomes improve when we broaden the ways in which students get information, process the information, and demonstrate their understanding of the information.



00:00-00:34 Intros

00:35-9:34 Don Siler’s experiences and their influence on his areas of interest

9:35-11:03 “Game of school”

11:04-18:03 A phenomenological study of several young Black men in an 8th grade art class

18:04-20:24 Kinds of engagement: emotional, cognitive, and behavioral

20:25-23:38 Studio thinking

23:39-32:48 Arts funding/cuts; fundamental value of the arts as “basic expression of human experience”; “upside down to make arts subservient to ELA even though they do improve test scores

32:49-37:36 Arts-based pedagogy across the curriculum

37:37-46:33 Neuro-education; Multiple intelligences; examples; David Sousa; Howard Gardner

46:34-49:13 Experience-based culturally responsive education; Sousa, Ladson-Billings; Paris

49:14-53:06 Teacher training for culturally responsive classrooms

53:07-56:50 Outro


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