Diana MTK Autin, parent advocacy leader, describes how distance learning fails to meet the needs of many students and exacerbates inequities. She leads several organizations that help parents advocate effectively for their own families and also for systemic change. The pandemic’s impacts are likely to be felt by students for a long time, and unless students’ rights are defended, long-standing legal protections may be weakened with devastating effects.



00:00-00:42 Intros

00:43-01:45 How parent advocacy groups help vulnerable children and families

01:46-03:33 How the pandemic and distance learning is impacting these children

03:34-06:49 What communities, districts and schools can do to lessen negative impacts

06:50-11:08 What parents and advocates can do; resources

11:09-24:41 How Federal Covid-19-related actions have affected vulnerable children/families positively and negatively; ways to affect the government’s response

24:42-29:32 Specific issues affecting transitions of students with disabilities in last year of school 

29:33-34:27 Long-term impacts of crisis and responses

34:28-36:00 Outro


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Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Soundtrack by Podington Bear