Jill Herman, founding principal of East Side Community H.S, now at Bank Street College, raises essential questions: To whom should a principal be accountable? How can social emotional learning and academics be integrated? What do we mean by an ethical school?


00:00-00:42 Intros

00:43-05:42 How to foster relationships that contribute to an ethical school

05:43-09:57 What is SEL and how can it be incorporated into school culture?

09:58-15:17 Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Framework

15:18-20:52 Defining “culture” and “culturally responsive”

20:53-28:22 Protecting an ethical school within a bureaucracy

28:23-31:57 Principal selection processes

31:58-34:22 Helping principal candidates decide if they really want to be principals

34:23-36:07 Characteristics of good professional development

36:08-37:00 Outro


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Soundtrack by Podington Bear

Photo by Robert Stevens on Foursquare