Misha Thomas, longtime consultant with Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools, discusses how schools can develop trauma-informed systems for resolving behavioral conflicts and crises. He explains that schools should prioritize a culture of trust and authenticity, and establish school wide expectations that crises will be explored in context of students’ lived experiences. As an outside consultant, Misha freely shares with clients his observations on systemic issues.


00:00-00:41 Intros
00:41-01:29 Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools (TCIS) and its objectives
01:29-02:23 Ethics and justice as central to consulting with schools
02:23-07:01 Prophetic/minstrel role of consultant; Misha’s roots in Black Baptist tradition
07:01-12:52 Principles of TCIS; consultant as role model and co-regulator
12:52-15:42 Teaching resilience; connections to race
15:42-17:10 Systemic injustice; role of truth-teller
17:10-12:56 Responding to specific incidents when students or teachers “lose it”
12:56-26:09 Gaining trust and creating a culture of trust
26:09-35:48 TCIS strategies and techniques
35:48-37:21 Integrating academics and social-emotional learning
37:21-41:39 Validating and challenging young people and teachers
41:39-44:51 Consulting and speaking truth to power
44:51-46:00 Outro


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