Dr. Sherry Deckman speaks about creating classroom environments that challenge cultural and social hierarchies. Teachers need to be aware of the lenses through which they view the world and their students, especially lenses that center Whiteness. She discusses everyday anti-racism for educators and creating humanizing spaces for all students, as well as the isolation that teacher educators of color often feel.



00:00-00:36 Intros

00:36-03:57 Social justice teacher education

03:57-06:06 How teachers can think about anti-racism education in their own classrooms

06:06-07:32 Cultural responsiveness and “belonging”

07:32-11:45 “Lenses centering whiteness”: what is means and what to do about it

11:45-13:26 Avoiding thinking of groups as monolithic

13:26-16:07 Humanizing spaces

16:07-19:41 Grappling with creating spaces that are humanizing for everyone in teacher ed classes

19:41-24:43 Does social justice teaching just privilege the feelings of white-identified people

24:43-26:31 Desired outcomes from teaching 

26:31-28:19 Duoethnography

28:19-30:54 Recalling and sharing racialized experiences

30:54-31:27 Posting links to Sherry’s articles on Ethical Schools website

31:27-34:40 Safe spaces and brave spaces

34:40-37:35 Addressing the isolation of scholars of color in teacher education

37:35-39:00 Outro


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