Dr. Michelle Fine speaks about better alternatives to standardized tests for students to demonstrate college-readiness. NYC’s Consortium Schools, which use Performance Based Assessment Tasks, collaborated with CUNY to open CUNY’s 4-year colleges to more low-income Black and Latinx applicants.  Students, especially Black males, did better at college than test score-admitted peers. Dr. Fine calls for democratic school cultures based on student initiated work and collaborative revision.



00:00-00:37 Intros

00:37-02:18 Connections between school inequities and Movement for Black Lives

02:18-04:02 Privilege of White supremacy

04:02-14:28 CUNY admissions policies; description of Consortium schools; CUNY/Consortium pilot

14:28-20:42 Comparison of Performance Based Assessment Tasks and standardized tests; Consortium culture based on PBAT

20:42-25:26 Impact on CUNY of change in admissions policies

25:26-30:41 Importance of learning to revise

30:41-32:04 “Doors” to higher ed; PBAT as a “door.”

32:04-33:35 Why opening access to 4-year CUNY schools is so important

33:35-36:34 Varieties of strategies to replace high-stakes tests

36:34-43:31 What’s next

43:31-45:00 Outro


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