Dr. Alan Singer, Dr. Pablo Muriel, and Gates Millennium Scholar Dennis Belen-Morales, three generations of teachers, describe how they center student activism in their project-based social studies and history classes while giving students the tools to pass the NYS Regents exams. Dr. Singer was Dr. Muriel’s college professor, and Dr. Muriel was Mr. Belen-Morales’ high school teacher. Now all three are at Hofstra University. Part 1 of a two-part series that contains lots of specific strategies for teachers and passion for civics education.



00:00-01:03 Intros

01:03-07:49 Why teach civic education?

07:49-23:26 Essential elements of “Supporting civics education with student activism”

23:26-32:08 Should social studies/history teachers be open with their students about their political perspectives?

32:08-35:38 How do you handle action projects that you find offensive or unethical?

35:38-43:47 Encountering racism among students; relationships among national/racial groups

43:47-45:00 Outro



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