World renowned educational consultant Bill Stroud talks about schooling within our capitalist culture and the impact that on-line learning will have on teachers’ autonomy and teacher-student relationships. He discusses similarities and differences among classrooms in different countries, the potential impact of the Movement for Black Lives on schools, and what envisioning a different system of schools would look like.


00:00-00:45 Intros

00:46-02:52 Individual great schools will be anomalies without larger changes

02:53-05:50 A systemic culture of mistrust

05:51-11:23 Desegregation as a quality assurance step; impacts of segregation

11:24-13:29 Diversity of ideas as well as race/ethnicity

13:30-15:22 Local and national cultures’ impact on schools

15:23-17:04 Teacher dominated classrooms are the norm around the world

17:05-20:34 Different take-aways from education in the U.S. and in Thailand

20:35-23:56 Challenges sustaining schools with values that are different from the dominant culture

23:57-32:31 Impacts of technology and on-line learning

32:32-39:13 Free time, its uses and value; free time. class and race

39:13-43:40 Denmark: changes in daily school experiences during COVID-19

43:41-47:05 Potential effects of Movement for Black Lives on schools as systems and institutions

47:05-49:05 A vision for a movement to organize schools differently

49:66-52:20 Role of public education in creating an intelligent citizenry

52:21-57:35 Getting students invested in schooling; creating community

57:36-58:57 Outro


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