Social studies teacher David Edelman and student Raúl Baez speak about their class’s “Virtual Walking Tour of Slavery in New York City” and other projects in which students become teachers. David’s goal is to instill curiosity and encourage students to connect history to their lived experiences. He shares suggestions for virtual teaching and teacher collaboration.


00:00-00:47 Intros
00:47-03:34 Why teach history
03:34:06:03 “Cagebusting classrooms” website
06:03-07:28 Student testimony at City Council
07:28-10:20 Objective of Virtual Walking Tour of Slavery
10:20:11:09 Tour’s creation and meaning
11:09-12:03 Impact of going virtual
12:03-14:21 Background of the tour; why it’s exciting
14:21-17:32 How the tour changes ways of seeing the city
17:32-18:06 Students as teachers
18:06-23:40 Connecting with George Floyd’s murder and the Movement for Black Lives
23:40-27:40 Connecting local history to current events
27:40-30:04 Language of ethics
30:04-34:18 Establishing rapport when the semester starts online
34:18-40:25 Suggestions for collaboration among teachers
40:25-41:19 Takeaways for students
41:19-42:11 Why history is interesting to students
42:11-43:30 Outro


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Photo by NYPL Digital Collections

Soundtrack by Podington Bear