We welcome back Monica Chen of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition. She describes the animal-agricultural complex that exploits workers in meatpacking plants and animals in factory farms and devastates communities and the environment. Monica introduces FFAC’s culturally-competent virtual lessons and presentations for students from middle school through university, customized for all subject areas.  Students who want to become social justice activists, with food as the hub that connects worker rights, sustainability, and environmental racism can apply to FFAC’s intern program.


00:00-00:52 Intro

00:52-03:29 Definition and origin of factory farms (FF)

03:29-05:27 Impact of FF on climate change

05:27-06:07 Methane from cows and climate change

06:07-08:17 Depletion and pollution of natural resources

08:17-09:31 Water use and drought (particularly in California)

09:31-12:33 Chickens

12:33-13:52 Pigs

13:52-16:20 Meatpacking plants

16:20-19:16 Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC) programming for classrooms and distance learning

19:16-22:12 Tailoring content area presentations

22:12-24:05 FFAC’s intern program

24:05-25:52 Relationship of FF to spread of infectious diseases

25:52-27:15 Outro


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Monica Chen talking to students in the San Francisco Bay Area


Photos: Canva and FFAC

Soundtrack: Podington Bear