Stacey Cervellino Thorp and Naima Moffett-Warden teach drama at Manhattan’s famed LaGuardia High School, and Abigail Rivera is a senior in the drama studio. Although all LaGuardia students are extraordinarily talented, their families, neighborhoods, and middle schools have vastly different resources. Students and faculty, led by students of color, have won changes and are demanding more steps to make the school more accessible and the curriculum more culturally responsive. 


00:00-00:44 Intros

00:44-08:26 LaGuardia admissions standards and how they have changed

08:26-11:23 The sit-in and movement for changing the previous principal

11:23-13:40 Pressures to take AP courses; academics prioritized over arts and the efforts to change that 

13:40-18:22 Teaching students with diverse arts backgrounds

18:22-21:37 Teaching and learning on-line: impacts on process and equity

21:37-24:19 Changing Eurocentric curriculum; Young Idealists

24:19-30:02 Conversations and actions since George Floyd’s death

30:02-34:46 The school’s responses

34:46-35:42 Students’ interest in using careers for social change

35:42-40:50 Making high quality arts education available to many more students on an equitable basis

40:50-42:09 Students’ talking at their middle schools

42:09-47:43 Broadening visions of arts careers, especially for BIPOC students and their families

47:43-49:12 Outro


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Soundtrack: Podington Bear