Dr. Christiana Best, who spent thirty years in the New York City child welfare system before becoming a full-time academic, discusses her personal experience of being left behind in Granada while her mother settled in the US. Dr. Best, now an assistant professor of social work at St. Joseph’s, delves into the difficulties of providing holistic support to immigrant children and families, who are (justifiably) hesitant to trust government agencies. 


00:00-00:51 Intros

00:51-02:23 Impact on students of being undocumented

02:23-07:00 How separation affects children and parents

07:00-08:42 Supports for students suffering separation effects and aftereffects

08:42-11:38 Support for parents?

11:38-14:37 Collaboration among schools, agencies, CBOs: obstacles and potentialities

14:37-18:59 Issues of mandated reporting; building trust

18:59-20:34 Cultural competence vs. cultural humility

20:34-22:58 School social workers and school counselors

22:58-23:37 School social workers and immigrant families trust

23:37-25:12 Need for more school social workers

25:12-29:58 Microaggressions: what they are; examples; applying a Deweyan framework for anti-microaggression education

29:58-31:54 What the incoming Biden Administration can do to support vulnerable children


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