Dr. Bradley Carpenter, associate professor of educational leadership at Baylor University, speaks about developing and supporting antiracist school principals. Very few leadership prep programs prioritize or embed antiracism principles or practices. A principal committed to centering antiracism needs to have a full equity audit of existing curriculum and practices and to lead faculty members through the emotionally laborious process of examining everyone’s own privileges and biases. The principal also needs to build support from above. Antiracism is an organizing principle, not an end point. 


00:00-00:51 Intros
00:51-04:30 What antiracist school leadership looks like
04:30-10:00 Prioritizing antiracism in leadership preparation programs
10:00-12:26 Support needed by antiracist principals
12:26-15:30 Support networks
15:30-21:55 What making change in the school looks like
21:55-25:25 Professional development
25:25-25:27 Incorporating antiracism into discipline policies and curricula
28:47-34:00 Dealing with structural inequities
34:00-35:46 Antiracism education for “nice white parents”
35:46-37:33 Standing up to overtly racist forces
37:33-39:00 Antiracism and retaining teachers of color
39:00-41:03 Self-care
41:03-42:31 Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear