We speak with Mark Lieberman, Education Week tech reporter. Pasco County FL schools give the sheriff records of students deemed “destined to a life of crime.” NYS Education Department funded facial recognition of school visitors to schools. Hackers hold district data hostage for ransom. We discuss legal and ethical privacy issues in the age of tech, including the dilemmas for teachers if a “D” leads to a police database.


00:00-00:38 Intros

00:38-05:31 Pasco County schools turn over student list of “at-risk” students “destined to a life of crime” to sheriff’s office

05:31-7:14 Consequences of being on the list

7:14-09:26 Potential racial disparities

09:26-11:59 Federal Education Records and Privacy Act

11:59-14:35 Community response to the list

14:35-16:20 What we don’t know about data use

16:20-18:38 Ethical questions for teachers

18:38-22:08 Impact on trust in school communities

22:08-25:56 Facial recognition

25:56-30:23 Video conferencing platforms

30:23-34:51 Cybersecurity concerns

34:51-39:06 Student directories

39:06-40:30 Outro


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