We speak with Dr. Sue Winton of York University in Toronto about the effects of private money–much of it from parents–that replaces decreased public funding of schools. Fundraisers and fees for special programs benefit affluent schools and the children who already have the most access to opportunities. Low income parents often feel pressure to donate beyond their means for their children’s sake. 


00:00-00:45 Intros

00:45-03:18 How private money comes into public schools

03:18-08:18 Impacts of private money

08:18-10:58 Government funding patterns; fees; waivers

10:58-14:03 Discretionary funds

14:03-15:34 Grants

15:34-19:39 Connections to privatization; book sales; school photos; candy sales

19:39-22:45 Fundraising sales: dilemmas for parents

22:45-26:04 Changes in fundraising as public funding for schools decreases and changes

26:04-28:44 Fundraising as part of competition among schools and districts

28:44-32:13 Creating alternatives to individual school fundraising

32:13-34:34 Schools—public good, private interests

34:34-38:35 Short and long-term approaches

38:35-41:17 Toronto school district—things it’s doing right

41:17-43:31 Outro


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