We speak with Dr. Marsha Daria of Western Connecticut State University. Dr. Daria teaches undergraduate courses in the Department of Education and Educational Psychology. She explains how in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, the department reconfigured its curriculum to center social justice, equity, and self-reflection. She discusses the department’s recruitment initiatives to increase teacher candidate diversity.


00:00-00:29 Intros

00:29-02:44 Western Connecticut State College and its community

02:44-05:14 Westconn education department re-evaluation after George Floyd murder and subsequent movement

05:14-07:06 Social justice and equity assessment; self-reflection

07:06-07:53 Biases

07:53-08:25 Balancing academic and practical experience

08:25-09:46 Responding to “I’m not racist.”

09:46-15:27 Outreach and recruitment to Danbury students: 5th graders, and recruitment of high school students to go into education

15:27-16:37 Forthcoming article in The School-University Partnership Journal

16:37-17:00 Pushback?

17:00-18:19 Recruitment of faculty of color

18:19-19:12 Why college undergraduates are less diverse than Danbury schools student body

19:12-20:06 Challenges with teacher candidates

20:06-21:59 Outro


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