We speak with Dr. Sarah Diem of University of Missouri and Dr. Anjalé Welton of University of Wisconsin, Madison. They discuss the seemingly neutral “colorevasive” policies that actually reinforce racial inequity. Drs. Diem and Welton present an action protocol for school and district leaders who seek to create antiracist schools.


00:00-00:51 Intros

00:51-02:38 Educational policies framed by neo-liberalism; market-driven policies

02:38-06:20 Impact of statewide educational policy approaches

06:20-09:03 Color evasiveness

09:03-11:27 RTI and PBIS and “acceptable student norms”—when students of color are viewed through a deficit lens

11:27-18:04 Anti-racist policy decision-making template

18:04-20:13 Anti-racist work is a continuous cycle

20:13-23:52 Protocol implementation in Latino/a and Black districts

23:52-26:57 Circumstances in which schools/districts are willing to undertake policy reviews

26:57-29:43 Dealing with obstacles

29:43-33:46 Risk-taking; planning and acting strategically

33:46-36:00 Outro


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