We speak with Dr. Steven Cohen of Tuft’s Department of Education about helping teachers to think critically about race and class. He talks about the importance of listening to students over time, even watching the media they  watch, to get a better understanding of their life experiences. He describes how to create fair strategies for resolving conflicts and for grading and he explains how to introduce complex subject matter in ways that students find relevant.


00:00-00:50 Intros

00:50-02:39 Tufts education courses

02:39-05:37 Race and class differences experienced by Tufts student teachers in working class schools

05:37-07:46 Helping students navigate these differences

07:46-11:28 How to diversify teacher ed program student bodies

11:28-13:12 Preparing teachers to create anti-racist classrooms

13:12-16:49 Ethical issues in day-to-day teaching

16:49-23:01 Support for conflict de-escalation and resolution

23:01-31:56 Grading

31:56-35:54 Evaluating/grading in group work

35:54-42:16 Addressing complex issues when students lack basic knowledge or context

42:16-47:35 Advice to new teachers

47:35-49:30 Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear