We welcome back Zoe Weil, of the Institute for Humane Education, along with Laura Trongard, Oceanside (NY) High School teacher to discuss how teachers are implementing IHE’s Solutionary program.  Laura describes how students adopt habits of solutionary thinking in their schoolwork and their lives. Zoe talks about IHE’s new micro-credential program, an online course that prepares teachers to use the solutionary framework. The new edition of Zoe’s book, “The World Becomes What We Teach,” with new content on pandemics and racial tensions, will be released in June.


00:00-00:44 Intros

00:44-03:52 IHE’s  Solutionary graduate programs

03:52-06:14 Implementing the Solutionary program districtwide in Oceanside NY

06:14-08:16 Looking at root causes and solutions

08:16-09:28 Cross-discipline and cross-age teacher and student collaborations

09:28-15:37 “Responsibility”

15:37-17:17 Student research and investigation

17:17-30:39 Addressing controversial topics, conflicting interests, power dynamics

30-39-32:36 Impact on students

32:36-34:18 Micro-credential program

34:18-36:13 Resources for after-school and community settings

36:13-40:16 “The World Becomes What We Teach”—new edition

40:16-44:03 “A better world is possible.”

44:03-45:45 Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear

Photo from Oceanside School District’s Twitter