We speak with Anisa Heming and Corey Metzger of the U.S. Green Building Council and ASHRAE about a new report on schools’ efforts around the country to protect against COVID-19 by improving indoor air quality. Like so much else about schools, air quality comes down to resources, in this case, for infrastructure and maintenance. Also, there has been no central source of reliable information for district administrators. While COVID-19 has drawn our attention to air circulation and ventilation, there are other reasons to be concerned about air quality. Not only are there other airborne pathogens, but studies show that learning improves with better indoor air quality.


00:00-01:07 Intros

01:07-02:18 Center for Green Schools and ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Schools Team

02:18-03:39 “Preparation in the pandemic: How schools Implemented air quality measures to protect occupants from COVID-19”

03:39-05:07 Importance of air quality

05:07-08:28 Air quality and student performance; CO2, VOCs

08:28-18:57 ASHRAE’s and Center for Green Schools’ recommendations for air quality

18:57-23:59 Obstacles to improving air quality

23:59-25:58 Standards and code requirements

25:58-27:14 Impacts of building ages and funding

27:14-29:15 Structural inequities in  funding—construction, renovation, and maintenance

29:15-32:33 Big cities and rural districts—common funding issues

32:33-35:12 Difficulties in obtaining information and guidance

35:12-36:45 Equity issues in the future


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear

Photo by Allison Shelley of images.all4ed.org