We speak with Dr. Daman Harris and Dr. Inger Swimpson of Building Our Network of Diversity, the BOND Project, in Montgomery County MD,  which provides spaces for Black and Latino men to support one another in their teaching and their lives. Although having Black teachers benefits Black and white children alike, U.S. schools have few Black teachers, and even fewer Black men. BOND works to make schools better places for boys of color, making it more likely that they’ll go into teaching, and better for Black men, so they’ll be more likely to stay in teaching. Networks and partnerships, especially with HBCUs, are crucial.


00:00-00:51 Intros

00:51-06:32 The BOND Project

06:32-08:19 BOND’s relationship with schools

08:19-13:09 How to make schools better for Black boys/young men

13:09-13:49 Untapped potential of men of colors as teachers

13:49-18:36 Recruiting teachers of color

18:36-24:01 Similarities/differences in challenges Black men and women face as teachers

24:01-26:19 Similarities/differences in Black and Latino men’s experiences as teachers

26:19-31:10 Distinction between equity and anti-racism

31:10-34:30 How BOND generates conversations about race in Montgomery County

34:30-36:36 Liberatory consciousness

36:36-42:35 Recognizing students’ strengths and teachers; successes even when test scores are low

42:35-46:04 Teachers with a deficit mindset can change

46:04-49:13 Impact on girls of Black men as teachers

49:13-51:45 Outro


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