We speak with Dr. Linda Nathan of the Center for Artistry and Scholarship and the Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership about her experience in creating progressive schools. Dr. Nathan says all teachers, no matter their subject areas, should have expertise in teaching reading and students with moderate disabilities. The arts are central to her educational vision. Dr. Nathan talks about how to achieve predictable and collaborative authentic assessment of student work and how to deal with standardized test requirements when necessary. She also describes why “grit” is not enough for student success when students are caught in the insidious web of a racist system.


00:00-00:37 Intros

00:37-02:35 Changes at the Center for Artistry and Scholarship and Perrone-Sizer Institute

02:35-06:54 Why the outdoors is so important in an educational vision

06:54-08:42 Joy, wellness, and rigor

08:42-13:07 Why grit is not enough 

13:07-15:47 School systems pervaded by White supremacy

15:17-18:07 The Boston Arts Academy and Perrone-Sizer vision of education

18:07-21:44 Preparing teachers to work at a school like Boston Arts Academy

21:44-25:08 Measuring student success

25:08-29:12 Markers of success on graduation

29:12-31:15 How colleges need to better support students

31:15-36:39 How a principal can support and sustain faculty and the school’s vision in an unsupportive district

36:39-40:50 Dealing with high-stakes testing

40:50-44:58 Dialoguing with parents who disagree with what the school is doing

44:58-47:19 Steps to avoid teacher/administrator burnout

47:19-50:02 Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear

Image from lindanathan.com