We speak with Shayla Ewing, English and drama teacher in Pekin, Illinois, about supporting teachers experiencing secondary and primary trauma, which the pandemic intensified.  We also talk about the how and why of teaching about white privilege in an all-white classroom.


00:00-00:44 Intros

00:44-02:23 Becoming a Pekin High School English and drama teacher

02:23-03:40 Teach Plus Illinois

03:40-04:46 “Compassion fatigue Is overwhelming educators”

04:46-06:54 Symptoms and contributing factors of compassion fatigue

06:54-10:46 Recommendations for compassion fatigue healing, including things to do and not to do 

10:46-13:19 Healing for teachers’ own trauma

13:19-16:38 Support for teachers and students in crises

16:38-20:29 Rewards for working unsustainable hours

20:29-24:05 Incorporating educator well-being into educational initiatives

24:05-29:04 Talking about white privilege in all-white classes

29:04-32:57 Students’ reactions

32:57-35:21 Parents’ reactions

35:21-40:11 Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear