We speak with Drs. Isabel Nuñez and Jason Goulah, editors of “Hope and Joy in Education: Engaging Daisaku Ikeda across curriculum and context.” According to Ikeda, the internationally-famous Buddhist philosopher, education should first and foremost engender happiness and instill habits of global citizenship. Drs. Nuñez and Goulah talk about implications for teachers’ classroom practice.


00:00-00:52 Intros
00:52-02:14 Daisaku Ikeda
02:14-05:10 Ikeda’s central ideas on education
05:10-09:30 Relevance of his ideas to non-Buddhists
09:30-14:41 Concept of global citizenship and teachers’ practice
14:41-20:26 Self-love
20:26-25:35 Inner transformation and social change
25:35-29:57 Relationships of humans to other animals and to future generations
29:57-33:35 Ikeda’s Buddhist humanism and John Dewey’s pragmatism
33:35-36:46 Religion and spirituality
36:46-42:50 Bringing hope and joy into classrooms in 2021-2022
42:50-45:31 Teachers working collectively to create hope and joy
45:31-48:30 Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear

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