Part One of a two-part interview. We speak with Dr. Garrett Broad of Fordham University about social media and how it informs student outlooks. One of Dr. Broad’s key objectives is to help students to be comfortable with the messiness–the fluidity and complexity–of identity and to resist the pressure to be fully formed, branded. High school teachers can help students to understand the factors that shape people’s perspectives.They can encourage students to be open-minded, cultivate intellectual humility, and “show up” for social justice.


00:00-00:57 Intros

00:57-02:42 Critical thinking by students

02:42-05:39 Branding vs. identity

05:39-09:17 The “messiness” of identity

09:17-12:56 Thinking by students about the ethical implications of their work plans

12:56:-15:06 Networked movements for social justice

15:06-19:31 Social media’s impact on students’ views

19:31-21:21 Social media and intergroup conflict/understanding

21:21-26:17 Things high school teachers can do

26:17-30:30 Town-gown collaborations

30:30-32:15 Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear