We speak with Dr. Terri Bucci of the Mathematics Literacy Initiative at Ohio State University, Mansfield. Beginning in kindergarten, the MLI builds on Bob Moses’s Algebra Project. Like reading and writing literacies, students need to understand the language of math to succeed in today’s world. Through shared experiences and reflections, the MLI makes math accessible and fun.  This is Part One of a two-part interview.


00:00-00:41 Intros

00:41-05:20 The Math Literacy Initiative (MLI)—what it is

05:20-18:56 The Algebra Project’s 5-Step Curricular Process

18:56-21:42 The MLI’s students

21:42-24:16 “All people should see themselves as mathematicians.”

24:16-27:16 Thinking of “everyone seeing themselves as mathematicians” as an ethical issue

27:16-31:12 Defining what it means to “be good at math?”

31:12-39:14 “Abuse” of students in traditional math classes; power and control in classes and in statewide governance of schools

39:14-41:49 Outro


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Mathematics Literacy Initiative (website)

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