We continue our conversation with Dr. Garrett Broad of Fordham University, talking about high school and college students’ experiences working with non-profits and about what students know/should learn about food and food justice.  Students often join non-profits with unrealistic expectations. There are tensions between keeping the organization afloat and pursuing radical change.There are no silver bullets; entrenched problems have complex solutions. 


00:00-00:34 Intros

00:34-06:28 Critique of non-profits

06:28-10:26 High school students’ understanding of food/food justice

10:26-14:12 Gardens, illusions, and social change—no magic carrots

14:12-18:00 Organizations that effectively integrate food into organizing

18:00-22:52 Helping student connect theory and practice

22:52-24:35 Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear