We speak with Carlos Alberto Torres, Distinguished Professor at UCLA. Dr. Torres worked closely with Paulo Freire and now directs the UCLA Paulo Freire Institute. He argues that we need to create a model of ethics education that combines social justice and natural justice, or sustainability. Freire viewed the planet as an oppressed entity. We talk about creating a political culture in our schools that centers peace and the global commons, what in other places is called civic culture. Part one of a two-part interview.


00:00-00:42 Intros

00:42-04:07 Global citizenship education

04:07-13:41 Principles of global citizenship education; global ethic of the global commons 

13:41-17:12 Democracy under threat

17:12-23:44 Integrating the global commons into schools; civic culture

23:44-28:49 What this looks like in classrooms

28:49-30:52 How can public schools become sites of social justice?

30:52-33:00 Outro


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