We continue our conversation with Dr. Terri Bucci of the Mathematics Literacy Initiative at OSU’s Mansfield campus. Dr. Bucci observes that we rarely ask children how they learn best. MLI’s implementation of the Algebra Project changes the classroom culture, giving agency to even the youngest students. “We have to get rid of  ‘sharecropper education.'” Dr. Bucci talks about the constitutional amendment that Bob Moses envisioned, guaranteeing a quality education to every child. 


00:00-00:25 Intros

00:25-03:56 Preparing students for standardized tests

03:56-06:30 Mathematics Literacy Initiative’ influence in Ohio and elsewhere

06:30-14:10 Ending “sharecropper education”

14:10-17:58 Fighting for a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a quality education

17:58-26:34 “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” and working with teachers in Haiti

26:34-28:45 Outro


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  • Mathematics Literacy Initiative (website)

Soundtrack by Poddington Bear

Image from mansfield.osu.edu/initiatives/math-literacy-initiative