Gender Inclusivity: Where Science and Ethics Intersect (Encore)

We speak with high school science teachers and trans men, Sam Long and Lewis Maday-Travis, who have developed resources and trainings to help biology teachers develop gender-inclusive curricula. Science tells us that sexual and gender diversity is both normal and positive.  


To know more about Lewis and Sam’s projects, please go to, and


00:00:54 Introductions

00:56-03:19 Experiences as LGBTQ high school students

03:20-06:15 As teachers, coming out as trans men to colleagues and students

06:16-11:13 Key elements of a gender-inclusive biology curriculum

11:14-16:26 Working to help make other teachers’ instruction more accurate and inclusive

16:27-19:38 How teachers respond to trans students’ lied experience

19:39-21:42 Relevance of Dewey’s ethical framework

21:43-29:21 Success stories in demarginalizing students

29:22-30:51 How teachers can develop this work

30:52 Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear