The right to thrive: Expanding our definition of equity

We speak with Dr. David Osher of the American Institutes for Research. Dr. Osher explains his view of robust equity, that all people deserve to thrive, and that thriving occurs holistically over the course of a lifetime, and even intergenerationally. People thrive in concert with others.  We discuss the conditions in a school that foster both individual and group thriving, and those that don’t, in particular, exclusionary discipline. This is Part One of a two part interview.


00:00-00:48 Intros

00:48-06:00 Thinking about thriving

06:00-14:45 How schools can create conditions where everyone thrives 

14:45-17:40 Schools and children’s identities

17:40-24:21 Trauma sensitive schools; distinctions between trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed

24:21-32:21 Strengths and limitations of SEL as practiced in many schools

32:21-42:39 Equity-focused programs in Austin Independent School District; developing alternatives to exclusionary discipline; Concerns Based Adoption Model

42:39 Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear

Photo by Patricia Prudente/Unsplash