Distortions and fabrications: The state of climate education

We speak with Katie Worth, investigative journalist and author of Miseducation: How Climate Change is Taught in America. Ms. Worth explores what children across the country are taught, or not taught, about climate change. In 24 states, oil and gas company representatives teach children about the wonders of fossil fuels, downplaying or denying their climate impacts. With an eye on sales in Texas, textbooks falsely depict a scientific debate over climate science, and often cover it in the last unit of the last chapter.


00:00-00:46 Intros

00:46-02:33 Patterns in what children are (and aren’t) being taught about climate  change

02:33-03:30 Pre-service training about teaching climate change

03:30-04:52 Climetime in Washington state

04:52-05:55 Professional development resources

05:55-08:22 State science standards and climate change

08:22-12:24 Textbooks and climate change

12:24-15:20 Public/private partnerships that provide climate change programming

15:20-18:47 Oklahoma’s Energy Resources Board

18:47-22:08 Pressures teachers face in teaching accurate science

22:08-25:43 Cloaking religion in academic sounding language

25:43-27:44 Discovery Institute

27:44-29:45 Outro


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