We speak with Dr. Richard Price, associate professor of political science at Weber State University, about recent attempts to ban books, especially those about GLBTQIA+ people and people of color, from classrooms and school libraries across the country. (Spoiler alert: it’s not only in red states). Dr. Price offers strategies for teachers, principals, and school districts for responding to book challenges.


00:00-00:40 Intros

00:40-01:27 Becoming involved in anti-censorship work

01:27-02:36 Anti-diversity activists: who they are and what materials they target

02:36-03:43 Where book challenges are taking place

03:43-06:22 Current censorship efforts compared to past ones

06:22-09-07 Challenges, district responses, and outcomes

09:07-12:17 Steps administrators and teachers can take when there are complaints

12:17-14:10 Mechanics of opt-outs

14:30-16:06 Training and resources for teachers

16:06-18:18 Objections to “white savior” books or books with the N-word

18:18-20:06 Self-censorship

20:06-22:33 Responding to challenges based on N-word

22:33-26:46 Roles of American Library Association and other resource organizations

26:46- Outro


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