We speak with Dr. Rosa Rivera-McCutchen, associate professor of leadership studies at Lehman College, CUNY, about the importance of school leaders and teachers practicing radical care, including listening with intent and addressing skill gaps with honesty. Dr. Rivera-McCutchen talks about the importance of teachers getting to know the life of the neighborhoods around their schools.


00:00-00:50 Intros

00:50-02:57 Meaning of the book title, ”Radical Care”

02:57- 04:55 Five components of radical care

04:55-08:00 Creating a culture of radical care

08:00-10:27 Graduate students’ reactions to going on walking tours into the communities of their schools

10:27-12:21 Listening, reflecting, not selling students short

12:21:16:45 How principals can create authentic relationships with staff

16:47-20:07 Working and talking with teachers who are burned out or not interested in change

20:07-23:38 Balancing demands for excellence with realities of skills gaps

23:38-31:16 Talking with graduate school students, teachers, students about gaps in their skills

31:16-34:53 How school leaders can leverage their power strategically for change

34:53-38:09 Hw school leaders can avoid burnout

38:09-43:40 Need for change in teaching and leadership education programs

43:40- Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear