Dismantling bias in schools: A multiyear model

We speak with Dr. John Pascarella, Chief Academic Officer of K-12 Professional Learning at USC Race and Equity Center. The Center works with schools to identify disparate outcomes for students and strategies to eliminate them. Dr. Pascarella discusses the need for educators to stand up against systemic bias as it occurs in daily school life. He points out that we need to be aware that we are all inevitably involved in differential power relationships and offers suggestions for teachers engaging in ongoing self-reflection.


00:00-00:37 Intros

00:37-01:39 USC Race and Equity Center

01:39-03:49 What precipitates involvement with a district or school?

03:49-06:48 What happens when people from a school ask the Center for involvement?

06:48-10:53 Conditions for involvement

10:53-15:31 Defining implicit bias

15:31-17:52 Individual and systemic bias

17:52-23:57 Ways of addressing both individual and systemic bias

23:57-29:37 Strategies for working with teachers who are resistant

29:37-33:16 What happens when school leaders leave

33:16-37:02 Racial Equity Leadership Academy and COSAs project in LA Unified School District

37:02-41:41 Parent involvement

41:41- Outro


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USC Race & Equity Center website

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