National Sex Ed Standards: Equity and expanded comfort zones

We speak with Brittany McBride, Associate Director, Sexuality Education at Advocates for Youth, who partners with schools to provide the complete sex education that all students deserve. Though parents, students, and teachers largely agree on sex ed’s importance, few  teachers (other than health teachers and PE coaches) have any formal training, and many parents haven’t had sex ed themselves.


00:00-00:26 Intros

00:26-00:56 Advocates for Youth

00:56-01:57 National Sex Education Standards; why they matter

01:57-02:36 How the Standards were developed

02:36-03:38 Key elements of the Standards

03:38-04:08 Teacher autonomy

04:08-06:00 Range of state standards across the country

06;00-07:47 Relationship between state and national standards

07:47-09:02 Adaptation guide

09:02-10:21 Helping teachers become comfortable teaching sex ed

10:21-13:37 Virtual Professional Development; what it is, how to access it

13:37-14:31 Advocates for Youth’s capacity

14:31-15:59 Pre-service training on sex ed: who gets it and who doesn’t

15:59-18:22 Teachers asked to teach sex ed without advance preparation

18:22-21:46 Resistance to/support for sex ed

21:46-23:49 How parents can support/defend sex ed

23:49-26:03 Many parents say they haven’t had sex ed themselves; resources

26:03-28:42 Facts and values. parent involvement

28:423-30:00 Teaching/learning about consent and impact of actions on others; decision-making

30:00- Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear