We speak with Dr. Cecilia Espinosa and Dr. Laura Ascenzi-Moreno, co-authors of “Rooted in Strength: Using Translanguaging to Grow Multilingual Readers and Writers.” Traditionally, teachers have brought language to students rather than accepting and acknowledging children’s entire linguistic repertoires. Communities and families often have fluid language practices; when teachers impose strict separation of languages, they limit students’ creative and critical thought processes. 


00:00-00:45 Intros

00:45-02:00 Translanguaging

02:00-06:58 Why this book now

06:48-10:54 Translanguaging as transformative

10:54-17:48 An equity issue

17:48-23:31 Integrating phonemic awareness and phonics into reading

23:31-28:49 Native “non-standard” English speakers

28:49-33:10 Working with a child who is the only speaker of a language in the class

33:10-40:57 Data-driven  and student-driven assessment

40:57- Outro


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