We speak with Hedy N. Chang of Attendance Works, who describes the long-term impact on student success of chronic absence in all grades.  Framing chronic absence as a truancy issue can increase alienation from school. Distinctions between excused and unexcused absences can unfairly penalize low-income students and students of color. Chronic absence rates may hit 40% this year. Ms. Chang discusses relationship-based strategies for mitigating absenteeism.


00:00-00:37 Intros
00:37-01:39 Definition of chronic absenteeism
01:39-04:04 How absenteeism has been viewed historically
04:04-06:16 Truancy
06:16-08:57 Reporting and monitoring chronic absences
08:57-14:37 Pandemic absenteeism rates
14:37-19:22 Absenteeism and return to schools in 2021-22
19:22-21:32 Attendance promotion strategies
21:32-25:42 Excused and unexcused absences; biases in classification
25:42-28:33 Impact of chronic absences on graduation
28:33-31:26 Strategies for understanding and overcoming barriers to attendance
31:26-36:41 Team approaches
36:41-40:01 Virtual schools—challenges and possibilities
40:01-42:18 Tiered approach
42:18- Outro


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