We speak with Dr. Leigh Wedenoja of the Rockefeller Institute of Government about the benefits to students of having a teacher for more than one year. Test scores improve, behavior problems subside, absenteeism decreases. Very few schools have intentional looping policies, but many students have a teacher more than once, especially in middle and high school.


00:00-00:41 Intros

00:41-01:43 How students have teachers more than once

01:43-02:11 Data from Tennessee

02:11-03:18 Having repeat teachers, not including holdovers

03:18-04:30 Improved test scores and behavioral outcomes

04:30-05:27 Impact beyond one class; relationship aspects

05:27-06:29 Building sustained relationships

06:29-08:21 Outcomes by gender and race

08:21-09:43 Researching absenteeism

09:43-10:51 Creating positive attachment to school

10:51-12:24 Obstacles to planned looping

12:24-14:22 Areas for further research

14:22-15:30 Spillover academic effects within a classroom

15:30- Outro


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