We speak with Dr. Kevin Kumashiro, a founder of Education Deans for Justice and Equity and organizer of the International Conferences on Education and Justice. Dr. Kumashiro describes how education scholars across the country are forming professional communities, both to build their capacity and to speak collectively on issues of public policy, leveraging their research to promote justice and equity. He argues that progressives must cease ceding the framework of education policy to corporate forces.


00:00-00:47 Intros

00:47-02:15 Importance of scholars collectively addressing policy issues

02:15-05:08 Horizontal organizing

05:08-09:03 Examples of public statements on policy issues

09:03-15:35 Different nature of different stalwarts—intersection of mobilization, public education and advocacy

15:35-20:12 CareEd in California

20:12-24:22 Education Deans for Justice and Equity

24:22-26:18 “Think tank” aspects

26:18-32:02 EDJE Framework for Assessment and Transformation

32:02-40:59 “Surrender”: How progressives are losing some of the biggest battles to the corporate sector

40:59-44:12 12 International Conference on Education and Justice in October 2022

44:12- Outro


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